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Effect of Feru-guard for Dementia [Feru-guard]

Anti-dementia drugs such as Donepezil, Rivastigmine, Galantamine and Memantine are the only effective materials. Is it truth?
A supplement is very useful and effective as dementia treatment. In some cases, a supplement outstrips these drugs. 
That is the Feru-guard (made from ferulic acid) manufactured by GLOVIA in Japan.

Feru-guard 100M.JPG

Is there the scientific basis?
For instance, Dr.Kimura concluded on his monograph, 'Feru-guard may be effective and valuable for treating the behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia in frontotemporal lobar degeneration and dementia with Lewy bodies'.
(Effect of ferulic acid and Angelica archangelica extract on behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia in frontotemporal lobar degeneration and dementia with Lewy bodies.)
Ferulic Acid Is a Nutraceutical β-Secretase Modulator That Improves Behavioral Impairment and Alzheimer-like Pathology in Transgenic Mice

Although it is possible to see the effect of Feru-guard through some monographs, concrete image of effect is hard to realize by monographs. So, I describe the effect of Feru-gard based on the 'Feru-guard Users Questionnaire Survey'(in Japanese).

Effect of Feru-guard.JPG
GLOVIA obtains 345 Feru-guard users' questionnaire survey. Taking Feru-guard for over 3-month and getting effects in them are summarized below.
     Term of questionnaire survey: 07/01/2012 to 11/15/2012
     Subject patients: 179

Specific changes after taking Feru-guard

A look softens
Feeling uplifted
Mind to be at ease
Improved absentminded feeling
Better complexion
Smiling face

Decreased bad temper

Improved eyesight
Meet one's gaze
Talked clearly
Improved communication ability

Had a good appetite
Improved swallow

Feru-guard Line-up.JPG

Mr. Murase, the president of GLOVIA, says about the use of Feru-guard on its homepage.
Besides there are many types including DLB, FTLD as well as ATD only for dementia. I knew one where a pure type of dementia turned into with time and that other types or the distinction that a degenerative disease merged it, and a symptom changed came to the original type a lot.

In addition, there is big individual difference of symptoms in such a disease even if it is the same type.  I grasp such situation properly, and we think if a family doctor exchanging information with patient and a family close to frequence is the only doctor who can give patient appropriate medical care.

With that in mind, the means to have you use Feru-guard most usefully has a family doctor's understanding about effects of Feru-guard properly and thinks that it is to have you incorporate it as an appropriate medical part.

Editor's note
As sales strategy of GLOVIA,  the Feru-guard should be supplied through medical institutions. There is a characteristic every product, and the reason is because how to use depending on a symptom is necessary. The way of thinking made with such faithfulness and sincerity for the patient side is worth of praising.

Ferulic acid is a hydroxycinnamic acid, a type of organic compound. It is an abundant phenolic phytochemical found in plant cell wall components such as arabinoxylans as covalent side chains. It is related to trans-cinnamic acid. As a component of lignin, ferulic acid is a precursor in the manufacture of other aromatic compounds. (transcribed from Wikipedia)

Potent responder to the Feru-guard.JPG

Diagnosis of Alzheimer type dementia [ATD]

The international diagnostic criteria of ATD presents the appearance of the exclusion diagnosis. In other words, the thing left to the patient without a symptom of Pick's and DLB is a negative diagnostic method to be ATD. Most of the patients who have low Pick score, Lewy score when Dr. Kono performs the work by the system of the Kono method crisply are ATD.

Diagnosis of Alzheimer type dementia.JPG

Refer to
CDT(Clock Drow Test), Pick Score, Lewy Score

In progress of Alzheimer's disease (AD), it is characterized by "progression of slow onset and sustained cognitive impairment", and it is expected that diagnosis itself called Alzheimer's disease is suspicious when progress is not confirmed. When progress is very slow; neurofibril change type old age (period) dementia (senile dementia of the neurofibrillary tangle type).

It is necessary to take SD-NFT into consideration. SD-NFT is one subtype of neurofibril change type dementia. Neurofibril change type dementia is a generic name of dementia that a neurofibril change occupies the main seat of the lesion.
SD-NFT limbic system neurofibril change dementia (LNTD, limbic neurofibrillary tangle dementia). It develops for forgetfulness, and it leads to dementia via mild cognitive impairment(MCI), but progress is slow, and the cognitive functional disorder is relatively light, and old-old has characteristic that it is kept a ratio the personality level mainly.

In the CT views, the localized atrophy of the sea lion domain is characteristic. In the pathology views, innumerable neurofibril changes limited to the sea lion domain are seen and are distinguished from AD because there are few senile plaques. SD-NFT becomes the important disease concept in deepening the understanding about all MCI not leading to AD.

Argyrophilic grain disease (AGD) is a sporadic, very late-onset tauopathy, accounting for approximately 4-13% of neurodegenerative dementias. AGD may manifest with a range of symptoms such as cognitive decline and behavioral abnormalities.

As a result of Aricept being released, and having given it to 700 patients with ATD in one year, Dr. Kono understood the propensity of Aricept well. Anyway, it becomes irritable.
Only an average of 3.6 mg was usable and couldn't but use a tiapride together in 41%. The teacher does not take the trouble of the family kindly so much if there is a doctor to think not to have possibilities to need to prescribe it.

Aricept of 3.6mg.JPG

Generally all the doctors of the university hospital are so. It is called the sympathy threshold. It is people to prescribe it for that what happens to a patient if said that I do not make less than 5 mg.

Because such people are the directors of the society, there is no campaign to say that taking out Aricept less in a society.
It was 14 years that it was for profit of Eisai earnestly. However, fell silent, and the spot disappeared when DLB and Pick's disease increased. The side effect of Aricept cannot be ignored. The person who died in braducardia came out. Because Eisai let generic drug measures accept 10 mg of use, the damage spread.

The ratio of  dementia types reported by clinicians.JPG

When doctors diagnose dementia, LPC cannot be ignored.
I, an editor of this blog, want to point it out daringly. Only ATD is not dementia. The doctor who cannot diagnose LPC and FTLD precisely should not do  medical treatment for dementia.

Shortcut to treating dementia [Others]

It's simple expression, but so sophisticated. I think so, when I read twice carefully the preface of Kono Method Mannual (2014 Edition). The original edition is in Japanese, so I translate it into English.
Kono Method Mannual.JPG
As the proverb says 'there is no shortcut to learning', pioneers of something new field face the difficulties, and literally a continuous process of trial and error. However, if there was a shortcut, it's better to go this shortcut beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Prescribe amount of core drugs through interacting with patient's body

Dementia is not a disease only core symptoms. To prescribe only 4 ingredients with indications of Alzheimer's type dementia (Donepezil, Rivastigmine, Galantamin, Memantine) is not a treatment. Forgetting the excitement of core drugs is the extra care may be difficult to have.

Dosage setting is not for patient safety, dosage setting is for the profits of pharmaceutical companies. In case of defending it, doctors cannot cure the patients. Increasing core drugs to improve, as shown by statistical charts, is all untrue. Dementia drug reactions are bell-shaped, and are not dose-dependent.

It is estimated and is not nearly perfect that patients selection, at the level of the physician, is a likely contaminated DLB and FTLD investigational Alzheimer's type dementia (ATD). It was responsible for the clinical trials, patients were too few. That study is not valid at all, i.e. wrong dosage and administration were made along with it.

It is not to talk about normal, unless subjected to brainwashing from their professors to society is high drug price ( drug ) as many prescribed drugs tried to, and has received donations from pharmaceutical companies. Young doctors are weak in terms of statistical significance. Surveys have to significantly data impersonation is done at 3 percent. Therefore, society article has been operated under the assumption of truth and of lost credibility. Also, in the sense that society of certified specialist is good at cure is not.

Doctors wanting to be involved with dementia treatment should diagnose and prescribe following Kono Method. Bible has been taught by tens of thousands of patients.   Prescribe following this method indicates, not add to individual doctor's way.

Japan Society for Dementia Therapy [Recent Topics]

The cognitive function requires well‐balanced neurotransmitters, like a jigsaw puzzle. Some kinds of neurotransmitters should be controlled well for dementia treatment without too much nor too few. This symbol mark represents harmonized neurotransmitters.

The first official symposium will be held in March next year(2015) in Tokyo, Japan.

Japan society for dementia therapy.jpg

Japan is an advanced country in the field of medical treatment for dementia. But it is hard to say that treatment for dementia has been succeeded. Many misdiagnosis and overdosage have been reported around the country. It might be said 'malpractice'.
From the reason of real state of affairs, generalized effective and practical therapy for dementia has been expected. So, this society is established.

Detailed practical information about how dementia should be treated effectively and safely. It's a major theme.
In addition, this society is not for pharmaceutical companies but for families, caregivers and persons with dementia.

Misdiagnosis Course of ATD [ATD]

ATD is sometimes, or more, misdiagnosed with FTD(Pick's disease). Therefore ATD is a diagnosis by exclusion, it is important that ATD should be correctly distinguished from FTD.

Donepezil is like a litmus paper.  Prescribing donepezil means finding out that a patient is ATD or not. If donepezil side effect leads to anger, it is a probability of Pick desiase of 70%. If donepezil side effect leads to gait disorder, it is a probability of DLB of 100%
In case that a donepezil has no merit, prescribing a rivastigmine is the best choice.

It is presumed that doctors, who do not FTD, might misdiagnose ATD.

Misdiagnosis Course of ATD.JPG

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