Shortcut to treating dementia [Others]

It's simple expression, but so sophisticated. I think so, when I read twice carefully the preface of Kono Method Mannual (2014 Edition). The original edition is in Japanese, so I translate it into English.
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As the proverb says 'there is no shortcut to learning', pioneers of something new field face the difficulties, and literally a continuous process of trial and error. However, if there was a shortcut, it's better to go this shortcut beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Prescribe amount of core drugs through interacting with patient's body

Dementia is not a disease only core symptoms. To prescribe only 4 ingredients with indications of Alzheimer's type dementia (Donepezil, Rivastigmine, Galantamin, Memantine) is not a treatment. Forgetting the excitement of core drugs is the extra care may be difficult to have.

Dosage setting is not for patient safety, dosage setting is for the profits of pharmaceutical companies. In case of defending it, doctors cannot cure the patients. Increasing core drugs to improve, as shown by statistical charts, is all untrue. Dementia drug reactions are bell-shaped, and are not dose-dependent.

It is estimated and is not nearly perfect that patients selection, at the level of the physician, is a likely contaminated DLB and FTLD investigational Alzheimer's type dementia (ATD). It was responsible for the clinical trials, patients were too few. That study is not valid at all, i.e. wrong dosage and administration were made along with it.

It is not to talk about normal, unless subjected to brainwashing from their professors to society is high drug price ( drug ) as many prescribed drugs tried to, and has received donations from pharmaceutical companies. Young doctors are weak in terms of statistical significance. Surveys have to significantly data impersonation is done at 3 percent. Therefore, society article has been operated under the assumption of truth and of lost credibility. Also, in the sense that society of certified specialist is good at cure is not.

Doctors wanting to be involved with dementia treatment should diagnose and prescribe following Kono Method. Bible has been taught by tens of thousands of patients.   Prescribe following this method indicates, not add to individual doctor's way.

About Dr.Kono [Others]

Dr.Kono is one of the most reliable doctors of dementia treatment in Japan. He wrote many practical books about dementia treatment based on his actual outpatient treatments.
He prescribes latest anti-dementia drugs as well as conventional psychotropic drugs for dementia patients. His significant and outstanding prescribes are a few of anti-dementia and psychotropic drugs those are less than recommended quantity by  pharmaceutical companies.  
In addition, he recommends supplement, such as ferulic acid (product name 'Feru-guard', in Japan). 

His sofisticated prescribe are applyed by KMPDs (The Kono method's practical doctor(s)) in Japan.

From the third year of the doctor 10 years between dementia treatment expert Yamamoto Takayuki teacher (welfare village hospital, Aichi Prefecture Toyohashi City,Japan) studied under. Join the brain vessel CT CT radiograms handicaps of the ward and on call service over 1,000 cases, 70 cases and 30 cases autopsy CPC (kosaka Kenji, Professor). Got a lot of experiences of dementia with Lewy bodies, normal pressure hydrocephalus, acute subdural hygroma. Invented the clock drawing test.

In 1991, a dementia clinic's first opened in Nagoya University Hospital and has since opened a dementia clinic at seven medical facilities.
Alzheimer-type dementia treatment medication donepezil hydrochloride prescription number is to be maintained from the initial release. Become familiar with the pros and cons of donepezil hydrochloride, devised for the Lewy dementia with low-dose prescription. Patients come from across the country, with dementia blog from Republican hospital days began to publish dementia drug therapy manual "Kono method" hospital will be. ( years one hundred County outpatient visits )

And registration practice medical doctors across the country agree with Kono method from 2007, published on the Internet. Has been established locally receive accurate prescription. Kono method cites the great achievements the prescription hard Pick's disease, dementia with Lewy bodies. A Nicholin injections for consciousness disturbance Chlorpromazine for positive symptoms of Pick's disease, dementia with Lewy bodies, visions grave liver evapotranspiration is now standard treatment.

Diagnose new patients per year to 100 people due to the welfare party's Lewy dementia care manager with other educational activities, gained 70% improvement rate. Review of getting in the diagnosis of patients with many families by patients with dementia blog published slides, incorrect treatment, succeeded in recovering condition.

Participate in clinical trials of the healthy auxiliary food ANM176 introduced from Korea in 2006. In end-stage symptoms give up thereafter, and effect of 70% to ANM176 a New feru-gard, Feru-guard 100 M(ferulic acid, Japanese product name) not only Alzheimer's disease, dementia with Lewy bodies, Pick's disease, frontal side dementia (non-Pick disease), calcifications associated with diffuse lines vascular changes in neurological ( DNTC ), normal pressure hydrocephalus, normal, such as swallowing disorders were also cites the dramatic results.

Kono method
This method will be described on this blog for more details. But if you want to see about this method now, following report is worth of reading. 

What I can do as a caregiver [Others]

I am not a doctor, but just a caregiver. What I can do is not only caregive, but also know and learn more about medical treatment for dementia, especially such as delusions, hallucinations, agitation/aggression, anxiety, apathy/indifference, irritability/lability and aberrant behavior, whose increase stress for us, caregivers.

For aged persons, dementia is one of inevitable disorders. I always see persons with dementia  whose are under serious conditions, because of incorrect pharmacotherapy.  Not dementia itself.
So I do edit this blog, as possible as actually or practically. 

This blog is translated into English ,based on 'Dr.Kono's Dementia Blog' and his publications(in Japanese). His remarkable works should be applyed to today's treatment for dementia patients. That's why I have introduced his works all over the world.

It is commonly said that first choice is non-pharmacotherapy and second choice is pharmacotherapy, for BPSD. But, I do dot believe it. It's a sophistry. 

Appropriate pharmacotherapy is the first choice for dementia.