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Japan Society for Dementia Therapy [Recent Topics]

The cognitive function requires well‐balanced neurotransmitters, like a jigsaw puzzle. Some kinds of neurotransmitters should be controlled well for dementia treatment without too much nor too few. This symbol mark represents harmonized neurotransmitters.

The first official symposium will be held in March next year(2015) in Tokyo, Japan.

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Japan is an advanced country in the field of medical treatment for dementia. But it is hard to say that treatment for dementia has been succeeded. Many misdiagnosis and overdosage have been reported around the country. It might be said 'malpractice'.
From the reason of real state of affairs, generalized effective and practical therapy for dementia has been expected. So, this society is established.

Detailed practical information about how dementia should be treated effectively and safely. It's a major theme.
In addition, this society is not for pharmaceutical companies but for families, caregivers and persons with dementia.

Glutathione [Recent Topics]

A patient who has been a terminal PSP(Progessive supranuclear palsy) and lost his weight. By prescription of the Glutathione 600 mg, who independently walk.

The Glutathione is useful and
outstandingly effective for improving patient's ADL, such as walking.
Recently,  similar clinical reports have been one after another by Dr. Kono and KMPDs (The Kono method's practical doctors).
See more (Japanese).

Recent Topics ブログトップ